Massage London Code of Conduct

Massage London proudly offer an exceptional personal massage service to highly select Clients, continually striving for excellence across our superb massage collection and in each area of our acclaimed service. In order to enjoy your amazing Massage, we kindly ask that you remain aware of the following rules of Client conduct in the course of our Massage:

1. The Massage is a uniquely indulgent occasion to be RECEIVED and enjoyed. Only the Masseuse is active.

2. Respect the Masseuse’s personal boundaries, refraining from fondling or groping.

3. The Masseuse is a highly skilled professional, NOT AN ESCORT, and she cannot be expected to provide sexual services. ALL CLIENTS must respect the Masseuse and her art, without resorting to attempts at soliciting or trying to gain any kind of sexual services (NO INTERCOURSE OR SEXUAL RELATIONS OF ANY DESCRIPTION). To avoid any doubt, The Masseuse is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO CARRY OUT OR ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR SEXUAL SERVICES DURING CLIENT ENGAGEMENT.

4. The Massage is meant to be an extraordinary sensual experience. As a consequence, we ask our Clients to maintain perfect personal hygiene, washing all areas carefully just prior to Masseuse arrival. The level of hygiene is directly related to the quality of the massage, as it affects the Masseuse’s ability to engage completely for your greatest enjoyment.

Massage London maintain a firm policy on matters of Client misconduct. We respectfully ask that ALL CLIENTS without exception consider the importance of a PERFECT RECORD FOR BEHAVIOUR AND HYGIENE for uninterrupted access to our services, as many advanced massages in the Collection are only available by invitation to Clients with a perfect record.

Massage London politely request EVERY CLIENT to adhere to the rules set out under Terms and Conditions. Any behaviour in breach of these Terms will result in an instant and irrevocable ban from our services.