Massage London FAQ

Do Massage London offer an in-call/walk-in service?
NO. Our Masseuses visit you. Currently, The Massage London outcall service is offered only for hotels and select residential addresses.

Can Massage London accept Credit Cards?
NO. Massage London accept cash payments only at present.

Can Massage London accept foreign currencies?
YES: the British Pound, US Dollar and EURO. We will be pleased to advise you further on request.

Do Massage London offer more than a massage?
NO. Massage London is not an escort service and do not offer any kind of sexual services. All Massages are exclusively massage-only for relaxation. Please give your careful attention to the Terms and Conditions to best enjoy your exceptional occasion of complete relaxation and gratification.

Can Masseuses be touched and fondled?
NO. Leave all activity to the Masseuse and enjoy. Every Massage in our Collection is created around the idea of your relaxed enjoyment. Please respect Masseuse boundaries as described in the Terms.

Can a Massage be extended?
YES. Please state your preference within the first 10 minutes of your Masseuse arrival.

Can a Massage be booked for a friend?
NO. However, we will be delighted to speak to your friend and complete his or her booking.

Can a booking time be changed?
YES. PPlease let us know at least TWO HOURS prior to your booking time to avoid a £100 rescheduling fee.

Is cancellation possible after the masseuse arrival?
YES, within 10 minutes of the masseuse arrival. In this unlikely event, please note a fee of £100 or 25% of the confirmed booking price, whichever is greater, will apply (add £120 for airport bookings).