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PLEASE READ THIS SITE IN FULL BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION to familiarize yourself with the concept and services offered and the profile of fresh, intelligent, charismatic, confident, playful, stunning young women who are our Masseuses.

Massage London are the No.1 provider of Premium Executive Massages, and being the company that originated the concept itself, are constantly in demand with our very exclusive clientele. PLEASE NOTE, MASSAGE LONDON ARE NOT AN ESCORT AGENCY, NOR OFFER ANY SUCH SERVICE. The services offered by Massage London are strictly and only massage at all times with the client always remaining passive.

If you are genuinely interested in an amazing career opportunity, think you truly fit our Masseuse profile, Massage London would like to invite you for an audition. All training provided by Massage London. To apply, please complete and submit the form below:

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